3rd Semester Syllabus (Honours)

Hey Guys, How are you doing? Don't enjoy too much...you will not want to come back to college. 🙂 Anyway, I am uploading the syllabus for the 3rd Semester (unofficially ok!). Get the texts as soon as possible and start reading. By the way, I will not be teaching you guys this semester. So meet … Continue reading 3rd Semester Syllabus (Honours)


5th Semester Syllabus (Honours)

Hey Guys, Hope you are having a good time, taking a break from your books. I am uploading the syllabus for your 5th Semester (unofficially ok!) so that you can start making preparations. Classes will start either on 8 or 9 of June. Get the textbooks and do some readings. We will not have time … Continue reading 5th Semester Syllabus (Honours)