4th Sem: How to prepare for the Honours paper?

Good morning Guys,

I hope I am not too late to give you the following tips on how to prepare for your honours exams.

I know you don’t have much time to waste so here are the tips quick and easy.

When you study the Literary Movements look for the following:

  1. Dates (accepted by many) (From ___________ to _____________)
  2. Definition of the movement (what is it really? )
  3. A description of the nature of the movement (Same as point 2)
  4. Factors leading to the emergence of the movement (these can be political, social, economic, cultural etc. taking place at the same time or one after the other. Look for the major factors which causes change in lives of the people and of the nation.)
  5. General characteristics of the changes taking place (e.g. loss of faith in religion, women’s rights, etc.)
  6. Characteristics of the literary movement (general characteristics are sometimes carried over or are also seen in the writings of the writers of the period but in a way that is connected to literature. For example, change in the way the character is portrayed, streams of consciousness etc.)
  7. Prominent authors, poets, writers who are seen as leaders in the movement
  8. Major works (novels, poems, essays seen as models of the movement’s style)

If you focused on these aspects, you should be able to cover the important points.

The answer can look something like this:

Para 1: General introduction to the movement. (what is the movement all about?)

Para 2: Characteristics of the period (major aspects)

Para 3: Literary characteristics of the movement

Para 4: Major authors/poets: His/her style and contribution to the movement

Para 5: Major work of the author/poet. How it reflects the movement?

Para 6: Influence of the poet/author and his/her works on others

Para 7: Criticism of the work (your reaction to the work)

Para 8: Conclusion (highlight the important points discussed and how you have been able to bring out the answer as per the question)


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